Nurturing the Female FinTech Leaders of Tomorrow

Nurturing the female FinTech leaders of tomorrow

This International Women’s Day, we are proud to recognize the integral role our female workforce plays in the success of FD Technologies. With prominent female leaders at a board, directorate and managerial level, we have established various networks and progammes to continue to support so many inspiring females across the business and ensure all voices are heard.

However, like many firms, we recognize the defined gaps in gender diversity within the FinTech industry, and as such, are on a journey to ensure we can equip and nurture both our workforce and tomorrow’s workforce with the support and skills needed to ensure they can realize their full potential.

Some of the steps we have taken to ensure females have everything they need to excel in their role has included leveling the playing field before they set foot in the workplace. As such, we have placed a strategic focus on challenging gender diversity within FinTech from a grass-roots level up. Addressing early signs of imposter syndrome appear crucial if we are to actively change the mindset of young females and set them up on a path of equal opportunity and preparedness for their future career path. This is something the FD Technologies IMPACT programme aims to do.

The programme is a unique mentorship initiative designed to empower young women in higher education by providing insight and guidance on what a career in technology can offer. For past mentee Brianan, having the opportunity to engage with professional females was a ‘game-changer,’ both for her studies and future career path, “I gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities. It has opened so many doors for me.” These programmes together with our ‘confidence camps’ and ‘FD Technologies giving back’ efforts have ensured young females within various fintech ecosystems are provided with the opportunity to grow and develop in the skills demanded by the future workplace.

Not only are we proud to nurture tomorrow’s female FinTech leaders, but we also continue to strive to create an inclusive culture where all women are supported in an equitable manner. Our pilot female leadership programme, STRIVE, aims to empower professional females in a practical and collaborative learning environment. Open to women from across all levels and departments within the organization, the 8-week programme offers valuable support and guidance within the corporate workplace through informative and interactive events.

I previously spoke on the importance of ‘active listening’ when it comes to establishing a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workforce, the same applies for nurturing future fintech leaders within our workforce. Only by actively listening to the current challenges females face can valuable change be enacted.

Last year, our Group employee engagement survey provided insight into areas where we could increase support for our female colleagues such as enhanced maternity and paternity benefits. This is something we implemented throughout the last financial year, which, alongside the development of our internal ‘Women’s Network’ (FDTWN), have proven invaluable during the pandemic.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I am extremely proud of the strides we continue to take to ensure women across all funnels of the female workforce are supported. In fact, we are delighted to see the culmination of these efforts recognized in our recent nomination for “Advancing Diversity in the Workplace” in the 2022 Women in Business Awards. Whilst we are proud of this recognition, we are by no means ready to stand still. By developing these mentorship programmes and inhouse Women’s Network we hope we can continue to position FD Technologies as an employer of choice for leading females and allow us to achieve our goal of rebalancing gender diversity within our workforce.

Indeed, by nurturing young females, listening to our employees and celebrating their success we hope we can not only empower our employees to be future industry leaders, but inspire and excite young women to consider a career where opportunities are endless and pave the way for true change to really evolve. Together, we can #BreaktheBias.