Trading Technology in Johannesburg – My First Project

Adam joined FD on the Trading Technology stream of the graduate Options Programme in 2019, just 2 weeks after graduating from UCD! Below, Adam shares insights on his first on site project in Johannesburg.


I finished my degree in Financial Maths from UCD in May 2019 and two weeks later began my FD journey. Having enjoyed my studies, I was keen to get my career started but still eager to continue travelling. Fortunately, FD offered the perfect platform for my ambitions to both learn and travel!


After completing the Capital Markets Training Programme, I began my Calypso training. I expressed to management I was hoping to specialise after completing my undergraduate degree. It quickly became clear to me the value of specialising in a front to back end software used on a global scale by financial institutions. This training geared me with the tools I needed to go out on client site and begin developing a niche skillset.


For my first project, I got assigned to a client in Johannesburg and was placed on a senior team. So far, I have had great experience both in and out of the office. Those I work alongside have a strong acquired knowledge and come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Each day I have been learning personally as well as professionally. I’m sure with such a clear structure in place as time goes on I’ll have advanced my skill set ten-fold in this environment.


I have met some amazing people along the way so far and made great friends. In Johannesburg I play weekly 7-a-side games, go rock climbing and get to experience raw nature at its finest. The weather here really promotes an active lifestyle. I never thought I would get to experience walking with lions, playing with elephants, taking cushion back rides on them and discovering animals I never knew existed.


My decision to join FD in the Trading Technology role has proven to be a great one so far. I am very grateful for the opportunities provided to me by FD, the skills I’m learning, the experiences I’ve had and above all the amazing people I’ve met along the way!