How to nail your First Derivatives interview

With heightened competition for FinTech jobs I’m here to tell you what makes an applicant stand out – How kind of me, right?

So, what does an Ideal FD candidate look like? First and foremost, they must be engaging & comfortable being themselves. There are no ‘perfect’ candidates out there, but you can certainly become an ideal employee through the 5* training program that we offer. Our Capital Markets Training Programme (better known as CMTP) will teach you everything you need to be successful in the world’s leading provider of products and consulting services to the world’s largest finance, technology and energy institutions. Good recruiters (like us!) will understand that this is a daunting process & keep in mind short answers make it difficult to assess your character fairly.

We are not here to give you a hard time … We want you to feel at ease and bring out the best in you. Open up & be honest, share what motivates you and show how valuable you could be to us.

How to prepare?

Preparation is Key! One of the best ways to prepare is to do your research. We have content on social media as well as a snazzy website jam-packed with information on our graduate programs, CMTP & Kx Technology. Create a Job Interview Checklist:

  • Have you made travel arrangements allowing for traffic disruption?
  • Have you planned to wear a suitable outfit?
  • Have you checked out the website for any updates or news that could be worth mentioning during the interview?
  • Have you done your homework on us?
  • Have you got a million-dollar question to ask the interviewers after the interview?


What to ask us?

Yes of course, we are interviewing you, but this is also an opportunity for you to learn about the role & find out what we can offer you (apart from your dream job!)

Feel free to ask us about our experience here at FD, what our training period entails and what life is really like working for FD.

How to present yourself for an interview at FD?


Think S H A R P

Smart dress is essential.

Hair kept neat and clean, ideally away from the face.

A minimal amount of makeup on the day please – we want to see the real you!

Remove any facial piercings, hats, scarves & headbands.

Polish your shoes & refrain from any bold colors or snazzy patterns – less is more!


What to expect when you take a walk through those FD doors?

You can expect to spend a couple of hours at our assessment day at HQ.

Stage One: We will begin with a short introduction talk which should cover off all information about the Graduate Program or Job Description.

Stage Two: You will meet with two members of the HR team who will conduct two short interviews. These are comprised of questions around your CV and the job role.

Stage Three: We will invite you all to take part in a group assessment with other candidates. All information on this will be provided on the invitation to interview email.

The Grand Finale: you will sit a short 30 min Logic Exam before the assessment is complete.


Top Tips


  • Take a deep breath & stay calm
  • First impressions are key
  • Body language and posture should be at the forefront of your mind
  • Listen Listen Listen
  • Put your phone away
  • Don’t tell any lies on your CV or during the interview, we will find out!

Good luck to all of our candidates, and remember you have beaten off stiff competition to get to final stage – so give yourself a huge pat on the back!